We Help Healthcare Stakeholders Leverage Healthcare Technology to Reduce the Cost of Managing High Risk Patients

Acuma Health, a business unit of Smart Monitor is a fast-growing Silicon Valley company and leader in digital health and disease management solutions. Our company is led by a management team that encompasses a vital blend of technology, healthcare, and clinical expertise leadership.

We are passionately dedicated to improving the care and outcomes of organizations who are treating and managing individuals with chronic conditions. Acuma Health was developed as an extension of our disease management work serving the epilepsy population. We focus on leveraging the most current technologies to provide a frictionless process for healthcare stakeholders to engage with patients with the goal of improving overall outcomes and reducing cost of care.

We serve leading specialty pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, self-insured employers, hospitals and healthcare institutions, and accountable care organizations across the country. Our patent-protected digital health platform, Acuma Health’s proprietary Digital Disease Management Solution, collects, manages, and analyzes patient generated health data which provides actionable, cost-reducing, real-time insights and workflow optimizations to healthcare stakeholders.