GUIDE TO LEVERAGING HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY to Improve Management of High-Risk Patients

This document was created to demonstrate that new technology solutions can be utilized to drive individualized therapeutic regimens and care protocols to achieve optimum cost-effective outcomes, mitigate adverse events, and increase satisfaction with care provided. The aim is to help healthcare stakeholders better manage complex chronic disease states with the adoption of current and evolving healthcare technology.

WHAT is in the guide?

The Guide to Leveraging Healthcare Technology to Improve Management of High-Risk Patients covers a variety of crucial areas that healthcare stakeholders should be well versed in to ensure better management of patient care and costs including:

  • Challenges of chronic care management in high-risk patients
  • Increased use and availability of technology in healthcare
  • Growth in use of smart connected consumer devices
  • Ways to improve and enhance patient self-care
  • How a digital disease management solution can help improve patient outcomes and reduce cost

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